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My Home Page: Donald Ferry a.k.a. Isengrim

Hi! My Name is Donald L Ferry (aka - Isengrim) This is my New Home Page Set Up! I am setting up separate Web Pages for each subject area. Especially For Melissa Joan Hart. It is my belief that the Web Page was too Bulky and UnWeildy as orginally layed out. So you can go to each Web Page and get Mainly What You Wanted - Hopefully!

My Background

Again my name is Donald L. Ferry aka Isengrim. I am a Colorado native. And so is the Teacher demanding this assignment. Indeed rare for a Coloradoan to be so pushy. Would expect it of Texan Immigrants! More Background is of no real interest! So, So Sorry there!!!


To Cut to the Quick, here is my Melissa Joan Hart Web Page! What you all came for!

Some of the other links I will introduce you to are information on the Great Northern Grasshopper Mouse (The Melissa Joan Hart of the Rodent World) and other key environmental subjects. As well as to expose the Genocide in East Timor and America's Involvement in Conducting it and Covering it up! Environmental and Wolfie links are an essential in Life!!

My Interests as Expressed In Web Links other than Melissa Joan Hart Web Links

The world's largest browsable blog index!

Great links to Interesting stuff on this Weblog!

My Web Page Conserning Other Celebrities of Interest Other Than Melissa Joan Hart!


Heifer International does so much more than put food in the mouths of hungry people. Heifer helps people feed themselves - Give a Gift that will mean something!!!

Iraqi slacki Backi - Hey Bush have we done a good job showin der Iraqi Gooks how it is - Bush says you nailed der Coon Skin to the wall boys - Wow am I proud to be an American = Not - Go Up!!!

Karen Kwiatkowski, a lifelong conservative and career military official, tells it like it is!!


CIVIL SOCIETY AND CITIZENSHIP - Comparing Western and Middle Eastern Experiences!

Smart Natives in More than one Way!!

Carl Skutsch's Political Gallery - Has Pictures from the Satire Group 'Billionaires for Bush'!!!

Billionaires for Bush!!

Cynthia Basinet offers WSO an interview and shares her comments regarding a recent visit to the Saharawi refugee camps!

Pictures of Cynthia Basinet's vist to Saharawi refugee camps!

Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection - Country and Regional Map Sites!!

The Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict!

Tribute to Rachel Corrie!

Regarding Rachel Corrie We see a Heavy Equipment Operator here in History who could stop!

Family of Rachel Corrie Charges Bulldozer Manufacturer Knowingly Sold Machines Used to Violate Human Rights!

Turn Me on, Dead Man Features - See the Wizard of Oz Analysis for Example!!!

Why does water make the Wicked Witch of the West melt?

Cornell University's Witchcraft Collection - Nice Browse!!

The Fantastic in Art and Fiction form the Cornell Institute for Digital Collections!!

Empire wreckers - "Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya" and an exhibit of works by Sue Coe summon violent hallucinations, past, present, and future!!

Nettles (Urtica species,Laportea canadensis)!!

The Biggest Stars Yet Found!!

On the self-organization of random cellular automata - self-organization as evolution from primordial soup!

Solving the Enigma of Kryptos!!

The Voynich Manuscript!!

Carrie - A Full Text Electronic Library!!

Large GIF of Page of Voynich Manuscript from NASA!!

UC Santa Cruz Press Releases Index!!

Site Alert! Site Where Valuable Information has been Found!!!

Save The Last Free Wild Bison Herd in The Yellowstone Greater Ecosystem!!!

Sources for Bees and Related Materials!

Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in N. Minn!!!

NetFuture is a reader supported newsletter with postings every two-to-four weeks or so. It looks beyond the generally recognized "risks" of computer use such as privacy violations, unequal access, censorship, and dangerous computer glitches. It seeks especially to address those deep levels at which we half-consciously shape technology and are shaped by it. What is half-conscious can, after all, be made fully conscious, and we can take responsibility for it!!!!

Good article on The Mexican Wolf Situation - With Links!!!

American Friends Service Committee!!!

Alas, mankind, we knew him...!!!

Monty of Robotman Fame, While Usuall a Nerd, Comes Up With The Correct View on Marriage!!!!!!

The Correct Way To Act When You Are Told To Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way!!!

Tiny fossils reveal key step in animal evolution - And were missed!!!

My Most Favorite Island in the World - Kerguelen!!!

Sites Where You Can Learn of The Great Northern Grasshopper Mouse Terror:

Article and Pic on this Rodent!

Picture on this Killer From Marty Stouffer!

Another Article on This Killer!

Yet Still Another Article on This Killer!

The Republicans are in awe and terror of this mouse = They should know a ruthless killer when they see it!

The Distribution Range For This Mouse - Watch Where You Step If You Are In This Area!!!

And The Rest Of Da Story For This Great Killer Mouse!!!

Web Pages of the Moment to Denote!!!

Native Americas is the award-winning publication of Akwe:kon Press of the American Indian Program at Cornell University!!!

Web Pages of Intereeest to Young People!!!


Hmmm, STALIN'S 10 PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS IN THE WORKPLACE seems to be the same as the Libertarian and Neocon ideal for running the world!!!

A World Wide Web Site Containing Information About the Biology, History, and Geology of New England's Largest River!!!

Site That Gives Information About Our Genocidal War Against the Philippino People From 1899 - Pick A Date Before 1912!!!

About the Film - On her twenty-fourth birthday, Barbara Sonneborn received a knock on her door from a United States Army soldier, and heard the words "We regret to inform you...." Her husband Jeff had been killed by a mortar in Vietnam. She received a box containing Jeff's dog tags still encrusted with his blood. Twenty years later, Sonneborn embarks on a journey through the country where he fought and died. Woven into her personal odyssey are interviews with American and Vietnamese widows from both sides of the conflict who speak openly about the men they loved and how war changed their lives forever!!


Pictures of My Enclosed Outside Cat House - Which Protects Them and The Birds!! A Couple of MY Computer Also!!!

More Total Pictures of My Improoved and Enlarged Cat Cage - Plus!!!!

Year 2003 Shoot of My Enclosed Cat Cage!!!!

Year 2003 Shoot of the Rocky Mountain Bee Plant that grew in my Flower Garden!!!!

Pics of some Devil's Claw Plants I grew in 2004 and a few of my Enlarged Pond - Temporary Page!!!

Writings I Have Done

Early 20th Century American Intervention in Latin America Shapes a Marine's View: U.S. Marine Corps General Smedley D. Butler!!!!

Stop All Space Exploration Now and the No To The Bush Space Thingy Site!!!

My Wolfie Thesis in College = Metro State!!!

Environmental (Wolfie) and Scientfic Links

My Wolfie and Environmental Site Links

Science on theWeb!!!

The Iraq Info Page!!!

Information on the Outrage that Happened and is Still Happening On East Timor:

Save East Timor!

East Timor: Acceptable Slaughters by Joe Nunes!

The Judicial System Monitoring Programme is a non-government organisation established in East Timor in April 2001. Through trial monitoring, legal analysis and thematic reports on the justice system, JSMP aims to assist decision makers, the East Timorese public and the international community by making specific recommendations for ongoing reform!

Dan Clore Provides Documentation of the Extent of the Genocide in East Timor by Indonesia!!

East Timor Boroadcasts!!!

National University of East Timor Library Project!!

East Timor Maps!!

  • The Mary MacKillop Institute of East Timorese Studies fosters a range of opportunities for the advancement of East Timorese people, especially through literacy education in the Tetun language!

    Solidarity For Peace In East Timor - On-Line

    Newsletter on Timor Loro Sa'e!

    WONDER EYES GALLERY - East Timor - 2000 through children's eyes!

    Ireland's East Timor Web Page!!!

    International Platform of Jurists for East Timor!!!

    Daily News Article on East Timor!!!

    Daily News Photos on East Timor!!!

    Voice of the East Timor Action Network/US!!!!!!

    Enjoy Coffee and Support the East Timor Action Network!!!!!!

    OECUSSI the East Timor enclave!!!

    East Timor Reports OnLine - PDF Files!!!!

    Cover-Up and Denial of Genocide: Australia, the USA, East Timor and the Aborigines," by Ben Kiernan, published in Critical Asian Studies, 34:2, June 2002, 163-192 is available Here!!!!

    The award-winning documentary "Massacre: The Story of East Timor" can be heard on the Net Using Real Audio!!!

    Bomis: East Timor Web Ring!!!

    Links to My School and MY Other Web Page and Misc. Sites:

    My Web Page On Protozoa

    My Old School!

    My Computer Teacher!!!!

    Links to Other Interesting Sites

    Links to All The Interesting Political Sites

    Links to All The Interesting Historical Sites

  • Recent Histiry - Stay Radikal!!

  • Da Drunk Postall!!

  • Harry's Index!!!!

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