During 2014, so far,, I have collected water samples from three places! Two of the sites were located right next to each other in City Park, Denver! One can then compare and differences! The third sample came from my sister's ranch in Southeastern Colorado !

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Well, thanks to Harry Murchison, I now have a good computer I can use to do this report! He constructed my computer. Thanks Harry! Now the bad news! The Jena Val Computer, I was using ,to capture vidcaps and video from the samples I had, is down! It may even be down and out! Seems the East Germans made good optics but poor mechanical construction in their computers! So, I will be using a cheap trinocular microscope that I don't even had an adapter to focus on the camera at the same time I am looking a in the microscope! So, what I have to do is locate the subject in low power and rai8se it up to 400 power! Then I have to look at the image in the computer screen and manually focus the microscope to bring the object on the computer screen into focus! Needless to say, this takes some time and the microorganisms I am trying to focus on often move away! So, this report will be a preliminary one! A preliminary one that will continue until I get the microscope fixed or if I can't get it fixed will be a final report! I did miss a lot of small protozoa and worms1 So, they will be underreported! And unfortunately the quality of the video captures will not be as good as with the Jena Val!

A report on Duck Lake and Ferril lake in City Park, Denver!

AQ report from my sister's ranch in Southwest Colorado!

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