Protozoa and all I know about it!!!

Presented here will be Pictures, links and information on Protozoa and Photomicrography! The pictures won't be that good; but I hope the other will turn out good! And I will suffer one with a lot of photos!

My photos and Video of Protozoa and whatever else got in the way of the lens!!!!

First Batch of Photos of Protozoa!

Recovered First Batch of Photos of Protozoa - # 2!

Fun Images Through The Microscope - Well For Some!!!

Video From Water Samples Collected in Happy Valley!

An Amoeba proteus streaming and engulfinging a paramecium - Photos and Video!

Those Marvelous Animals Page one - Digital Photographs of Stentors, Blepharismas and Desmids - Photos and Video!

Those Marvelous Animals Page one - Photographs of Stentors, Blepharismas, Desmids, Amoeba Proteus and others- Photos!

The 2003 Shoot Page. VIDCAPs and QuickTime Movies (Version 4) From Four Sites in Colorado - A Work Still In Progress!

July 2004 Shoot Page from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal near Denver!

News On Protozoa +!

Tribute to Robert W. Pennak who knew more than almost any person alive about what lives in ponds and streams!

Study probes ecosystem of tree holes!

Enter Nikon's Small World Contest of Photography Through the Microscope (photomicrography) - Entries must be received no later than June 30, 2004, to be eligible for prizes!


Bill Bertschy promises to stand up for the people of House District 52—and the protozoa!

Heated Debate To Name Ohio's Official State Protozoan!


Amoebas Use "Midwives" To Reproduce!

Gene exchange in trypanosomes - Protozoan parasites trade genes whilst in the host organism!

Articles I have in my possession or have found on the web that have disappeared!

William R. West talks of useing the Rheinberg/oblique to get contrast in Photomicrography!

Genlisea: A carnivorous plant acting as a trap for Protozoa!

Links to Protozoa, + and Photomicrography on the web!

Site Providing 28,967 Images of Protists for Education and Resource Purposes!!!

Welcome! This server is providing 39138 images of protists (542 genera, 2239 species, 6405 samples) and 1210 movie clips as research and educational resources. Updated February 21, 2004!

Vital Publications from The Landes Museum!!

Wards site on Working with Protozoa!!

Society of Protozoologists!!

British Section of the Society of Protozoologists!!

Microscopic Invertebrates - Some species of importance in research and teaching!!

Rice Edu. - Index of /~bioslabs/studies/invertebrates/invertimages!!

Rice Edu. - Index of /~bioslabs/studies/invertebrates!!

Nexus Research Group - Protozoa in the Environment!!

Protistology an International Journal!!

From Above Site - Ecology of Amoebae (Lobosea, Gymnamoebia) in the bottom sediments of a Freshwater Lake!!

Elisha's Home Page - "Midwifes" assist dividing amoeba!!

Amoeboid flagellates + from Dr. D. F. Williams!!

The Amoebae - This web site is an attempt to draw together information on the amoeba from the various sources!!

Amoebae on the Web - Web-site dedicated to systematics and identification of naked lobose amoebae!!

A Glossary of Terms Applied to Amoebae!!

The Postal Microscopical Society - Check out their Links Page!!

From Above - Amoeba Lore!!

Ciliate Image Database!!

The Ciliate Resource Archive is a comprehensive tool for students, educators, and researchers of ciliates (Phylum Ciliophora)!!

Introduction to the Ciliata!!

Index of /protista from Above - One can see what other Protozoa Info they have at UCMP!

Images of Freshwater Algae and Protozoa from the Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan!!

Protozoan Genera Index!!

BIOMEDIA MUSEUM BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES University of Paisley PROTOZOA - Click on the Gallery at the top right to get drawings and Images also!!!

Bio-Image Database Project!!

How to Use "Kahl (1930 - 1935) : Wimpertiere oder Ciliata" as a Digital Image Book!!

A NEW IMAGE FORMAT FOR PROVIDING THE MICROSCOPIC IMAGES THROUGH INTERNET - One can Translate the Japanese Pages with say BableFish if they can't read Japanese!!

Protists Movies - Part 2!!

From Above = Protista in SPHAGNETUM - Several Pages!!

Droplet - Amateur Microscopy of the Protozoa!!!

A Virtual Pond Dip!

File protista!!

The Ciliates Among Us - Most Links Work!!!

What Happens After You Flush the Toilet? - Explaining Sewage Protozoa in All!!!

Home Page of Dr GianFranco Novarino - Protista and Mathematics Division Researcher!!

Microbial Digital Specimen Archives - Remember there is no need to download Japanese Lanuage to see these Pages!!!

Protozoa - Ciliophora - Hypotrichida: Divisional Morphogenesis (Binary Fission, Ontogenesis, Stomatogenesis) and Morphology of the Hypotrichida!!!

Google Resource Page on Protista!!!

Protista Tutorials (also shows rotifers) - QuickTime Movies!!!

Another Multi-Engine Web Search on Protozoa!!!

Search - Wauu.DE: Science: Biology: Microbiology: Protoctista!!

Book Search at OmegaPoint Network Enterprises (ONE)!!

Hermester's Protozoa Pages!

Dr. Clark's Lecture notes - protozoa and their motile mechanisms!

Protista - Ciliophora - Hypotrichida: Divisional Morphogenesis (Binary Fission, Ontogenesis, Stomatogenesis) and Morphology of the Hypotrichida!

Introduction to the Oomycota - Water Molds: There are more than 500 species in the Oomycota -- these include the so-called water molds and downy mildews. They are filamentous protists which must absorb their food from the surrounding water or soil, or may invade the body of another organism to feed!

Protist Online!

Protist Image Data!

Protist Databases!

From Above - Protist Databases with Images!


326 Images, ZIP Files and Drawings of Protista at BioDiDac - Click on the Catagory at the Top Right!!!

BioMedia Associates Site - Has Some Pictures Of Protozoa and Products!

Results of a Search for the Term 'protozoa' at the RDN - Or go to the Base and Search!!

Eukaryotes in extreme environments!

A Service where you can Apparently search for an Organism and ask for a sample or offer one!

Integrated Taxonomic Information System - ITIS * North America!!

Science Directory - Protista from spacetransportation.org!

The Yahoo Microscope Discussion Club - anyone can Join!

Charles J. O'Kelly's HomePage From Above Site!

Virtual Library - Protista!


Microscopic Critters of Guam!

PROTIST MOVIES By Alessandro Bertoglio!

Pond Water Critters that you can see with a microscope: Protozoans and Small Animals!

Scanning electron micrograph of a laboratory-grown potable water biofilm, with the presence of H. vermiformis cysts!

Amoeba Soup - This section is dedicated to amoebae and amoeboids!

Guide to Marine Plankton of Cape Cod - Protozoans!

The Culture Collection of Protozoa and Algae!

Some Photos at the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography!

Underwater Field Guide to Ross Island & McMurdo Sound, Antarctica - PROTOCTISTA: foraminiferans, amoeba, algae, diatoms!

Worlds largest Ultrastructure images gallery online - Has A Section on Protozoa - Check Out the Link Also!

Plasmodiophorid Home Page!

Beginners tips on collection and studying protozoa!

UK Course on Protozoa!

The World of Protozoa, Rotifera, Nematoda and Oligochaeta!

THE PURPOSE OF THIS WEBSITE is to provide a research and teaching resource for students, teachers and researchers interested in the group of protists commonly known as, the euglenoids!

Research on Colpodella and Haplosporidia!

Radiolaria are holoplanktonic protozoa widely distributed in the oceans!

Ernst Haeckel: Die Radiolarien (RHIZOPODA RADIARIA) Berlin, 1862!

Diatom Home Page!

The Quekett Microscopical Club!

Kent Simmons' Aquatic Ecology Help Pages!

Protist Park!

Index of /animalcules!

the Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology!

Welcome to the Microbe Zoo! To discover the many worlds of hidden microbes,touch an environment in the map above!

International Society for Evolutionary Protistology!


The Laboratory of Biology of Parasites, Protistology and Helminthology deals with the missions of the National Museum of Natural History (Research, Teaching and Collections) in the field of Parasitology!

Veterinary Parasitology 5333 - Has a Large Protozoa section!!

Biology 625 (Animal Parasitology) ANIMAL AND HUMAN PARASITE IMAGES - Protozoa Section!

This page of the WWW-Virtual Library covers all aspects of light microscopy, electron microscopy and other forms of microscopy!

The Natural History Museum's Microbiology Slide Collection - The vast majority of these slides are of medical or veterinary interest!

DUXBURY (1983) database of Cretaceous dinoflagellate cysts!

Microscopy & Imaging Resources on the WWW!

ProtoTista, Protoctista & Symbiogenesis!

protista/bionet.protista Newsgroup Archive!

University of Wisconsin Microscopy Resource Page!!

Stereo Microscopes to BUY and to AVOID!!


Kinsman Physics -Microphotograph!

Freshwater ponds provide a home for a wide variety of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants, insects, and animals. The vast majority of pond inhabitants, however, are invisible until viewed under the microscope. Beneath the placid surface of any pond is a microscopic metropolis bustling with activity as tiny bizarre organisms pursue their lives; locomoting, eating, trying not to be eaten, excreting, and reproducing. In this collection of digital movies, observe the activities of microscopic organisms taken from a typical North Florida pond!

Welcome to the Molecular Expressions Website featuring our acclaimed photo galleries that explore the fascinating world of optical microscopy. We are going where no microscope has gone before by offering one of the Web's largest collections of color photographs taken through an optical microscope (commonly referred to as "photo-micro-graphs"). Visit our Photo Gallery for an introductory selection of images covering just about everything from beer and ice cream to integrated circuits and ceramic superconductors. These photographs are available for licensing to commercial, private, and non-profit institutions, or for personal use on the Web!

Welcome to the Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery. Our gallery contains hundreds of examples of full color photomicrographs (photographs taken through a microscope) selected from our many collections!

Nikon's Small World Gallery - The Nikon Small World Gallery gives you a glimpse into a world that most have never seen. It is a window into a universe that can only be seen through the lens of a microscope!

A Web Atlas of Cellular Structures Using Light and Confocal Microscopy!

Savona Books: England - Specialising in Microscopy and Related Subjects!!

Microscopy For Children: A Bibliography!!

Micro World - Guide to Online Microscopy and Microanalysis Resources!

Instruction Manual for Olympus Photomicrographic System Group - Instructive all around!

Welcome to Nikon's MicroscopyU website, designed to provide an educational forum for all aspects of optical microscopy, digital imaging, and photomicrography. Together with the scientists and programmers at Molecular Expressions, Nikon microscopists and engineers are providing the latest state-of-the-art information in microscope optics and imaging technology including specialized techniques such as fluorescence, differential interference contrast (DIC), phase contrast, reflected light microscopy, and microscopy of living cells. We invite you to explore our website and discover the exciting world of optics and microscopy!

'Making Darkfield Illumination is easy' - by Mike Samworth and Wim van Egmond!

The World of Photo-Microphotography - Olympus!

Bowling Green State University - Center for Algae Microscophy & Image Digitization!



35mm Films for Scientific Imaging!

Standard Microscopy Terminology!

Principles of Technical Photography and Photoinstrumentation!

Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy - Science and Photography Through a Microscope!

Useful Microscopy and Confocal Microscopy Sites!

Mircoscopy site at Cells Alive!

MICSCAPE Magazine!

Microscopy UK online resources!

  • Leeuwenhoek's microscope!!

    Links to general resources for protozoologists — Protozoa and other algae!

    CMI Microscopic Links!

    Photographing Through a Microscope!

    Carolina Biological Supply has a lot of Protozoa to buy in their Catalogue!

    Trans-Mississippi Biological Supply has Protozoa!

    Jones Biomedicals & Laboratory, Inc. has some Protozoa!

    Digital Scientific Imaging Cameras For Microscopes - Works with your computer for imaging!

    Diagnostic Intruments Inc. Camera for Microscopes!!

    Microscope World - Microscopes, Microphotography and Microvideo!!


    Image Processing Solutions!!

    CAMERAS from VayTek, for the U.S.A Market!

    Microworld - Mircoscopy Products and Imaging Products - Analog and Digital Cameras, Couplers, and Adapters!

    Digital Cameras on Fujitsu chipset!!!

    Free Microscopy Vendors Database (MVD) is one of the largest microscopy vendors database in the world and consist more than 1300 vendors from field of optical and electron microscopy, image analysis, spectroscopy, microscopy instrumentation, spare parts suppliers and accessories and much more - Many Non-Deceased!

    DemoSlide - Grow and Show!

    Photographing Through a Microscope by Trevor Anderson!

    Buckman Laboratories Has Some Photos!

    Internet Resource Guide for Zoology - Protozoa!

    Protozoa Links From - Welcome To Find11™ !

    Protozoan Videos - Check Out Carolina Biological Supply Also!

    Site Honoring Tracy Morton Sonneborn!

    RE-DISCOVERY -- Sonneborn and the Persistently Shapely Paramecia!

    Love Lives of The Protozoa!

    Protozoologists For Fun Page!

    AmoebaRace Forum at SodaRace!

    Tutorial on Amoebas at SoadPlay!

    Not Protozoa But I like Them!

  • Introduction to the "Slime Molds"!!

  • Pattern Formation in Dictyostelium discoideum - Videos!!

    Welcome to the DictyBase The purpose of this site is to provide a centralized source for information about Dictyostelium discoideum and related organisms and to facilitate communication between researchers involved in studies of these fascinating organisms!!!

    Dictyostelium discoideum - Genome Project!!!

    Dictyostelium discoideum - Genome Project - 2!!!

    NIH's Info on Dictyostelium discoideum!!!

    Slime May Exist on Mars - Not Slime Molds - but View Next Article!!!!

    "Smart" Slime Mold - Referenced to Behavior; but what of the potential Slime on Mars?!!!

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